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Are You Smarter Than Your Friends?

Join the VLTED community which will allow you to view, like, dislike, and comment on all your friends sports predictions!

Challenge your friends to create "receipts" on any disagreements or hot takes!

Store all your sports predictions with VLTED!

Pool Example for Website_edited.jpg

Compete against friends and the VLTED Community in VLTED Pools, for pride or prizes!

One Month Free Trial!

See what others are saying about VLTED!


Bryan McCarthy @soicey20

"Wow... this is the perfect way for me and my boys to hold each other accountable when it comes to our sports takes!"

Gabe Valladares @GabeTheDolfan

"I proved to my dad he doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to the Miami Dolphins thanks to this app... now he'll finally listen to me!"


Julie Campbell @Jules76

"I've been looking for a way to track my sports predictions for awhile now, without relying on gambling and losing money, and VLTED seems to have nailed it!"

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